Eunos Mixed-Use Development | Singapore
Winning Proposal

Eunos is a 20,000sqm cultural/commercial hybrid building, with equal space dedicated to creative arts production and office programs.

In acknowledgement of the budget and time constraints of the project, HE's competition winning entry developed two separate buildings that share an atrium and circulation core. Each building deploys the structural system best suited to the program: a long span (25 meters) system to facilitate uninterrupted open spaces for large arts production, and a traditional column system (5 meter grid) for the highly aggregated office spaces. The production and office spaces also require different floor heights – 7 meters and 4 meters respectively.

Both buildings are wrapped with the same fenestration strategy of terraces and screens to obfuscate the production programs and satisfy the federal requirement that such spaces not have an explicit identity. The space between the two buildings is occupied by an atrium and social stair that also reconciles the difference in the floor height requirements between the two buildings.

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